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Fall Reading

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Since launching The Water Innovation Project, I have been fortunate to meet a number of authors who have incredibly relevant messages for today’s water leaders. In this Fall’s Reading list, I am suggesting you take some time to read the works of David Zetland, Robert Sandford & Merrel-Ann S. Phare, and Trevor Hill & Graham Symmonds – all of whom are water experts in their fields.

Water use decisions are so complicated and layered that it’s nearly impossible for political processes to reconcile citizens’ values into effective policies that create expected impacts without significant side effects.” – The End of Abundance

Water Economics – David does a fantastic job providing an overview around the economics of water and describing the impact of scarcity in his book The End of Abundance: Economic Solutions to Water Scarcity

Water policy discussions are these days increasingly urgent and focused. There seems to be awareness that without comprehensive and immediate action, our water woes will only increase and at an accelerating rate.” – Ethical Water

Water Ethics – As a resource guest to the Waterlution Water Innovation Lab (WIL2013), I was given a copy of Ethical Water: Learning to Value What Matters Most by Robert Sandford & Merrel-Ann S. Phare. Bob Sandford gave the WIL2013 participants a first hand tour of the Columbia Icefields and Bow Valley last week. In a true Source to Tap tour, Bob captivated us all with his deep knowledge of water and his emotionally engaging stories. One of many books written by Bob, Ethical Water is a Manifesto that leads us through a series of principals designed to engender a new water ethic. While the focus is on Canadian water, this book is relevant everywhere and well worth spending some time with.

Maximizing the water management potential of our data systems requires that we reinvent the utility model and focus on engaging the customer and the utility professional in water stewardship. – The Smart Grid for Water

Smart Water – For those of you who are interested in the ways data can play a role in managing our water resources, take a look at a recent book by my friends over at Global Water FATHOM. Written by Trevor Hill & Graham Symmonds, The Smart Grid For Water: How Data Will Save Our Water And Your Utility

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