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Importance of Relationships

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Since launching The Water Innovation Project six weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to meet some extraordinary individuals. I have also been reintroduced to the challenges of being a solo business owner. Fortunately, the encouragement I have received for the projects I am bringing forth has been highly positive. I want to thank all of the new subscribers and everyone who has sent me encouraging words through the start-up phase of my new venture.

We oftentimes forget the importance of personal relationships, especially in the business of water and technology. These relationships help to propel us forward, push our limits of thought, challenge our assumptions, and allow us to see varying viewpoints. They also remind us of the individual passions of those we are working with. And if the people in the water industry have one thing in common, it is their passion for finding solutions to our water issues.

In the coming days, I will further explore my recent conversations and share upcoming opportunities. In the meantime, I have outlined some recent activities:

Press Release – the first press release was a major success. Proof that our mission is resonating with many and that we will indeed make an impact.  Jesse Berst, founder and Chief Analyst of Smart Grid Network, wrote:

When I talk to experts, they say the problem is not technical – we have the technology we need at a price we can afford. The problem is the water is valued (or undervalued, I should say)

H2.O – the third version of the H2.O slide deck has been posted. We are building a member base and plan to officially launch the site later this fall. Feedback has been nothing but positive and sponsorships are now officially available.

WEF Water Leadership Institute – I was recently on a panel during a WLI session discussing attributes of leaders in the water industry while sharing my own story of launching The Water Innovation Project and H2.O. It was a great learning experience and I am enjoying the ongoing discussions with other leaders in the industry.

Waterlution – have had some amazing discussions with Karen Kun – Executive Director and Co-Founder of Waterlution. Excited to be a part of their Water Innovation Lab 2013 in Southern Alberta in September and exploring the Columbia Icefields for a few days. More to come.

Water Economics – had the pleasure of meeting economist and blogger David Zetland,  along with some of his great friends, over dinner as he made his way through California last week. More on that later. If you haven’t already, take a look at his book The End of Abundance: economic solutions to water scarcity. Very approachable and provides a solid foundation to any discussion around water.

Consulting – consulting activities are beginning to ramp up. Navigating the fragmented water market can be a challenge. It is wonderful to be sharing my knowledge of the market with a variety of innovative technology companies.

Guest Bloggers – a fantastic lineup of guest bloggers is beginning to take shape. A core element of The Water Innovation Project and our endeavors is the community within which we work. I am excited for our colleagues to share their thoughts in the coming weeks.

Again, thank you to everyone for your interest, comments, and community. Through innovation and collaboration we can transform the way we value water!

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