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Innovation is for more than technology.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The events of the past year and current conditions of our water supplies have reinforced the missions set out when starting both The Water Innovation Project and H2.O. By transforming the way we value water through innovation and collaboration we can further engage our communities, develop greater leadership capacity, and re-create a more sustainable relationship to water. The role of data and IT in water has become a key element to successfully managing our supplies wisely. I have set some lofty goals this year for both endeavors and look forward to the continued contribution of individuals like you who are engaged in the water sector and making a meaningful difference.

I challenge each of you to take a hard look at the “goals” you have set for yourselves and your organizations this year and FOCUS on the top 3-4 that will have the most meaning for you and your business. Too often we are overcome by the same goals of years past, only to give up on them early in the current year. Make a commitment to a few, rather than a long list, and start doing. Whether you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, or in the start-up phase of your own career, you are responsible for your own success and the legacy you leave behind. Look for innovation not just in technology, but also in your business models and personal habits. The key to accomplishing any goal is to START. Here are a few books that might help you get going. Poke-the-boxDo the Work , and Synchronicty: The Inner Path of Leadership.These are all staples in my collection and great go to sources when in need of a quick pick me up.

Ready to take things to the next level? Give me a call or shoot me a note to discuss your goals – I would be happy to help you map out a plan for your success.

Now that the holiday season is over, and an overly ambitious kitchen remodel has been finished, I am looking forward to a great year that will surely be filled with fantastic new friends, amazing adventures, and ongoing collaborations with colleagues. We are starting the year at full speed with ambitious plans for this quarter including:

  1. our first H2.O Leadership Council meeting and launch of the H2.O platform,

  2. a comprehensive survey to benchmark IT in the water sector,

  3. a series of killer events,

  4. the launch of our first mastermind group, and

  5. compiling chapters for an upcoming book.

Not to mention a packed itinerary as I make my way to Phoenix, LA, Paris, and Toulouse over the next two months. Thank you to everyone who has made this journey worthwhile. I look forward to our continued dialogue and friendship.

To a successful year ahead!

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