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TECHSTARS Week 1 lessons learned.

It’s been a full week now at Techstars hashtag#sustainablity accelerator with The Nature Conservancy in #denver. A few lessons from the last seven days:

1) Team is critical! And the AQUAOSO Technologies, PBC team continues to demonstrate that hard work and laughter can indeed go hand in hand.

2) Culture is driven from the top. How we choose to be, interact and engage will drive our culture in the long term.

3) Decision making frameworks give you options for more creativity and less cognitive overload.

4) People want to be helpful. This is in part due to Techstars give first philosophy, but also due to the amazing individuals in the program.

5) Mentor madness is wicked crazy exhausting. We’ve done two days, heading into the third with a few days to go, of on on one meetings with nearly 15 exceptional people a day - all of whom are contributing to new ways to think about the business.

6) Don’t forget to take care of thyself. Swim, yoga, gym, meditate, hike - whatever it is, get some downtime and recharge.

7) Don’t take yourself so seriously all the time. Have fun with the journey and play. More to come as we synthesize the deeper learnings.

Bonus 8) The sunsets here are awe inspiring.

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