Water Resiliency for the Ag Economy with AQUAOSO’s Chris Peacock

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Chris Peacock, founder and CEO of AQUAOSO Technologies, discusses building a water resilient future for the ag economy. In Chris’ second stint on The Water Values Podcast, he discusses a wide range of water risk assessment in the ag sector from banks to investors to growers and from the diversity of crops grown and water intensity of the crops. Chris does a great job making sense of this fragmented marketplace.

Plus, Reese Tisdale returns for a Bluefield on Tap segment where he discusses M&A activity in the irrigation market and what the impacts are in the ag sector, as well as the commercial and industrial property management sector.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  1. Why Chris decided to start AQUAOSO Technologies

  2. The current state of water risk assessment in the ag sector

  3. What risk factors AQUAOSO uses to derive property-specific water risk assessments

  4. Chris’ take on the highly fragmented world of water data

  5. How lenders and investors use water risk analysis in their ag lending and investing decisions

  6. How lenders and investors are trying to use water risk assessment to project future water risk

  7. Where Chris thinks we are on the technology adoption curve in the water risk tech space

Water Resiliency for the Ag Economy with AQUAOSO’s Chris Peacock

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