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Week 2#lessonslearned #artofpossible at Techstars #sustainability #accelerator

1) 43 mentor meetings in 3 days can drive insights we forgot we knew. And give us insight into new business models. From frameworks to tech mapping to biz modeling to just feeling good about life - mentors are awesome at holding space for future growth.

2) Leveraging a personal assistant has made all the difference in surviving the week. Simple as coordinating calls and doing some early research, my time has exponentially increased. Thanks to Mariana at Prialto | Amplify People.

3) Ken Hunt and Chelsea Horn have been holding down the fort while the rest of us dive into business building. (Thank you both!!) Proof that hashtag#resilient teams are critical to success.

4) Two weeks away from my wife and kids may go fast, but adds a deeper sense of loneliness at times as a founder/CEO. (Glad I am headed home for a few days!)

5) You never know where partnerships will surface, so stay open to ideas and the possibility of synchronicity.

6) It’s ok to take some down time. hashtag#startupculture is known for constantly leaning in - its totally ok to lean out on occasion to take a breath.

7) Looking back on the week like this allows for a synthesis otherwise unavailable.

To success!

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