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Week 4 & 5 #lessonslearned at Techstars #sustainablity #accelerator with The Nature Conservancy

1) Operational cadence drives results and focus. Ours: Daily standups, weekly individual 30 minute 1 on 1's, weekly ops meetings, weekly sales meetings, weekly investor update, weekly dev planning, monthly strategy and financial reviews (aspirational), quarterly strategic retreats.

2) As a young company, keep the aperture wide to identify potential opportunities that can be game changing.

3) A reminder on the role of CEO:

a. Surround yourself with a great team - it makes life easier.

b. Make sure there is enough money - raise or sell - just don't run out.

c. Have courage - you'll often have to double down on your bets.

d. Stay healthy. PS.

It can be a heavy burden and lonely journey. Maintain healthy relationships and support systems.

4) Make it easy - to do business with, to understand, to explain.

5) Understanding customer persona's makes it easier.

6) Identify levers for growth. (Hint: Setting a monthly growth rate as a % is not a lever for growth.)

7) Help can come from unexpected interactions. So make sure you can explain your business - easy, simply, and quickly. Don't dismiss the power of the elevator pitch!

To your success!! hashtag#waterrisk is hashtag#businessrisk

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